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CTD at Heathrow Professional

Antonio Abreu

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I just installed the desktop computer from scratch (see specs below). Heathrow Professional is installed in "P:\Addons\Scenery\Aerosoft\Sim-wings London Heathrow Professional V5" and is number 1 in the scenery list in P3DV5. I am using all OrbX True Earth for Great Britain and SODE jetways (ran the batch file and double-checked files in the Scenery folder and in the SODE folder, all good).
I have GSX L2 installed and updated. The issue I am facing is that CTD always happens about 5 seconds after starting pushback at EGLL (usually T5). It happened several times (more than 5) in the exact same conditions. Please don't tell me to go to GSX forum (which I in fact already did, looking for help) because this issue is not happening at other airports, so I am not sure this is a GSX issue. I am open minded about the cause and just want to sort it out. Any known issue with EGLL or with P3DV5.1 that may be causing this behaviour?


Thank you in advance.


CPU: Intel i7 7740X 4.34 GHz |  GPU:  nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 | RAM: 32 GB 2400 MHz | Disks: 128 GB SSD (C:, Windows) + 256GB SSD (U:, Users) + 1TB SSD M2 (P:, P3DV5) | Screen : Samsung 27 Inches HD | Controls: Thrustmaster T.16000M Set

Windows: 10 Home | Simulator: P3DV5.1 | Textures: EnvTex  | Shaders: EnvShade | Sounds: EnvSound | FSUIPC: 6.0.10 | IVAO: Altitude 1.1.10b | Weather: Waiting for ActiveSky | Planner: Simbrief | Services: GSX Level 2 | A319/A320/A321: V5.0.1.116

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8 minutes ago, mopperle said:

Check the Windows Eventviewer for an entry at the time of the CTD and give us the detailed error message.

Thank you for the quick answer. I am not an expert on Event Viewer but here is a printscreen. Drilled down on Application error in the second image. Please let me know how can I provide further help ...



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