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LSGG - Lighting issue

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Dear Aerosoft Team


I have found following issue occuring ever since switching from 5.1 (too unstable for me) back to 4.5. See image attached.

I have deleted and reinstalled the scenery clean but just can't seem to find the problem.

As you can see, the airport lighting works flawless but there are these weird very bright lights everywhere and this only occurs here in Geneva (I have tested other sceneries at night).

I suspect its either Orbx issue or maybe the Dynamic Display Engine.


Maybe anyone has experienced this as well before (couldn't find anything here on the English forum though).


Best regards and stay healthy.



Lighting 2.JPG

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This typicall occurs in the following cases:

-  using a tool that changes default files of the sim

- another scenery interferes, due to wrong order in the library. In case of Orbx make sure that all Orbx stuff is below any other scenery. This can be done via the library insertion point in Orbxcentral.

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Hello sir


Thanks for your response.

As I stated, I have this only at Geneva. Orbx is set correctly.

I haven't used a tool which changes any default files in the sim.

Will it help if I delete a certain cfg file, so the sim rebuilds it? If yes, which one?




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