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I have bought NavDataPro Single Dataset on aerosoft.com. I have download it and installed both the navdatapro program itself and the actual airac. I want to use it with my Airbus 320 add on. Despite all of my softwares and the microsoft flight simulator (steam edition) is official, the airac did NOT updated. I tried 4-5 times but the result was the same.

At the moment my aircraft is using the “cycle 1511” as it is default with the add on from the date that i bought it. After the update, i am still seeing the “cycle 1511” on the left mcdu starting page instead of “cycle 2012”.

I also read the manual (the pdf document that is in the “help” part of the navdata program) as well. I have already done all the steps that described on that document.

Please help me about installing the airac. What might be the mistake? What is wrong?

Looking forward for your reply!!

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

You're confusing the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (subject of the section of the forum where you first posted) with 10 year old Flight Simulator X (aka FSX or FSX:SE for the Steam edition) from Microsoft. I moved this for you to the relevant section.

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