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Installation runtime error

Manfred Tamminga

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thx for the reply! Yes I installed it with admin rights! The seems to work, so far I saw no failures, but this message during the installation gives me a somehow sinking feeling?! No failure message would be better :-)


For an informations I use Win10 Prof with P3Dv4.5





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well the error message comes at the end directly after the window, asking for additional charts installing, which I negate!

As i mentioned at first sight the airport in P3Dv4.5 seems correctly installed, so failure recognized so far! 

And yes I now used V1020, using the older version before I had no such error message!


thx 🙂

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I have the same Error when installing it. Was there a solution for this problem?


The error follows when finishing the installation "Fertigstellen". The airport is then not shown in the Sim.


One solution is to add the Addon manually to the sceneries which ist working nice so long.

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