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Thrustmaster TCA Throttle quadrant

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Last week I received my long waited TM  TCA officer pack and thanks to other people (see topic Thrustmaster in NO SUPPORT) installation was not a huge problem.

The sidestick works like a charm but with the quadrantunit I have a minor problem.....


When I switch off the engines by toggling down the engineswitches the complete cockpit and screens become powerless, dark and complete off.

It make no difference if I first stop engine 1 or engine 2 or oppositive.


I hope someone can get point me into the right direction.


I have done so far:

In the Axxx configurator I have only quadrant ticked....

Setup Airbus A320 CFM

Select "Taxi-state"- (not a full flight due only for testing switching off engines)

Switch on APU



I have Aerosoft Airbuses 318/319/320/321

Prepar3d - V 4.5 with latest HF

Windows 10 with latest update

Thrustmaster TCA sidestick + Quadrant


Have a nice day and stay healthy

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3 hours ago, Swisspilot said:

I got mine today. Do I first have to download the latest driver or just plugin the Stick and Quadrant?


Kind Regards 


You should install the driver and also update the firmware.

Regarding the Airbus follow the instructions in the updated vol1 manual.

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On 11/1/2020 at 7:13 PM, masterhawk said:

Hi, no problem on my side.
Can you post a screenshot of your keyassigments for the hotas functions, please?

Good morning,


By now any thoughts about this?


kind regards,



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1 hour ago, masterhawk said:

I can't reproduce on my side.
Have you something assigned to APU?

No, see attached picture


1 hour ago, euf2000 said:

did you enable the stick and the quadrant in the airbus configuation tool?




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