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Aerofly FS2 Update macht Patch der Aerosoft Scenery Installer erforderlich

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durch das neuste Aerofly FS2 Update funktionieren die Aerosoft Szenerien mit Ausnahme von Helgoland nicht mehr. Auch wenn sich im Moment alles um Microsoft dreht wäre ein Patch für die Installer oder eine Anleitung für einen manuellen Workaround sehr hilfreich.




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Offenbar klappt die Kommunikation zwischen ipacs und Aerosoft nicht richtig. Ipacs schreibt in deren Forum:


The updated scenery installers are now available through Aerosoft. If you purchased a DLC please contact Aerosoft for an updated installer. The recommended installation recommendation is as follows:


- Install the latest Aerofly FS 2 Update version

- Download the updated DLCs ( free and purchased ) from Aerosoft ( they have been updated as well )

- Reinstall the download DLCs

- Like mentioned before please do not install any user created content inside the 'Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator' folder. Instead either use 'Documents/Aerofly FS 2' or the special folder 'Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator AddOns' which is looked for at the same level of the main 'Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator' folder.


Sorry for this confusion, we have published the update before the new downloads were available through Aerosoft. If you follow the recommended order mentioned above you will be all set again.


Es gibt aber keine „ updated scenery installers from Aerosoft“...

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... und hier die Aufgabe:


The issue is that third party and user made scenery were installed in the same directory which our installer is unaware of. We always emphasize to never ever install anything custom into the default installation folders because it may be affected by automated processes such as installing a new update or by just running Aerofly FS. But we lack authority or control to ensure that this doesn't happen because in the end it's an open platform that accepts new paths in the root folder.


If you own a third party product and it doesn't allow you to change the path and it installes into the root directory and not into the Add On directory then please contact their support as well.


... was ich hiermit getan habe...


Or let us know which products these were exactly so we can contact them.

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I have similar problems following the Aerofly 2020 update.  I have the DVD (non-steam) version of FS2.

All of my purchased Aerosoft products were installed onto my D drive into an Aerofly FS2 Addons folder and all worked perfectly before the update.

Now I have floating buildings at Miami (S. Florida) and cannot select any runways at JFK or La Guardia (NE USA).

Re-downloading and re-installing from my Aerosoft customer account does not help.

Will updated install versions from Aerosoft be available as Aerofly have said they will, and if so when ?

Thanks for help.

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Have downloaded and reinstalled NE USA again today but makes no difference.  Still not getting runway options when selecting an airport as origin or destination in the Navigation screen.


Have also noticed today that the same is happening in Lukla - Mt Everest Extreme.


Switzerland, Paris Ile de France and SE Florida all work OK.


Any more help would be appreciated - thanks.






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