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Airbus Cost Index

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I would like to know why it is not possible to use a cost index in the planning of a flight.

I checked this forum and the manual.

I saw that fi with a Boeing it is possible to change the machnumber in a costindex, but in the airbus it is not possible.

The field name in de AC editor is Cruise with Airbus and Cruise/CI with Boeing.


Can somebody explain why?

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Thanks Stephen. I couldn't find a template or a per file for my type.

Where can I learn to make a .per or .txt file myself (or edit one)?

I would like to make a correct AC, based on an existing one, but with the CO possibility.

I am interested in a a319-112 (Toliss) and a350-900 (FlightFactor).

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BW901 posted a guide to the performance files HERE


The file type can be either .txt or .per, the latter been an encoded file to protect the publishers data.


Performance files are generally created with realworld data and not specific to a sim mode. The aircraft entry in PFPX can then be adjusted to match a sim addon, creating a template for weights/capacities etc. if required.

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