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Thrustmaster TPR Rudder Problem (Aircraft is sinking)

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Hello together! 
I‘m new to MSFS2020 and this forum.  

Yesterday my „Thrustmaster TPR Rudder Pedal“ has arrived. After downloading the driver for Windows 10 I have done a little check flight. In the MSFS2020 settings the pedals were found without any problems... settings were „standard“. 

When the aircraft is on the ground everything works fine. It is moving to left or right when using the pedals. Also the brakes are working fine. 


But when the aircraft is up in the air and I‘m pushing the pedals to left or right, it starts to sink ?! I don’t think that’s normal. 

I have to say I don’t have a yoke or joystick at the moment...only my keyboard and I‘m using the keys 2-8-4-6.  Because of COVID nothing is available. 😞 I’m waiting for my „Honeycomb Alpha“ at the moment. 

Does anyone of you have an idea why the aircraft is moving downwards when using the rudder pedals? 
(without using keyboard at the same time) 



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Your very best source for help with MFS and your hardware working together is the Microsoft supported forums. They get far more visitors than here. Here's a link to their controller setup guide.


Your issue of the pedals causing the aircraft to sink suggests you have a double binding present. That is, pressing a pedal not only causes the rudder to move, but another control surface or perhaps the throttle as well. I suggest you check all the assignments in the sim for the TPR pedals to check for this and of course clear any duplicates. You should only have the rudder axis and the brakes assigned. DO NOT use "Rudder Left" and "Rudder Right". I recall the default settings add a lot of other bindings. Also, most users find using a downloaded driver, including the Thrustmaster one (Target), is unnecessary. Windows all by itself installs the only driver you need and it's all I use.

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