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JARDesign bringt Update für den A320 und A330 raus

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Moin Zusammen,


JD A320 - Update auf v3.6r3    <-- zum Download



RC1 (release candidate):
+ X-Plane 11.50 compatible
+ X-Plane 11.41 compatible
+ Vulcan/Metal/OpenGL support
+ Fly-By-Wire system fully reworked (based on Visual Avionics)
+ Migrate SASL2 to SASL3 base plugin to improve performance
+ TCA Airbus Quadrant "plug-n-play" support
+ GHD plugin will work with JD320 for free, no payware serial key will need
(updated GHD plugin with this feature coming soon)

- sidescreen widget is gone, please use MCDU MENU to operate all
- voice checklists gone, please use JARDesign CoPilot plugin if need

+ vertical profile calculation improved
+ go-around operation improved
+ bug fix

+ FCU knobs manipulator reworked (usage with mouse right/left buttons & mousewheel)
+ VR manipulator for FCU reworked (can be switched via MCDU MENU->Settings)

+ /plugins/fmgs/win.xpl and mac.xpl files updated cause of widgets issue

+ speed constraints issue fixed


JD A330 - Update auf v4.1r1   <-- zum Download


What new:

+ X-Plane 11.50 compatible with Vulcan/Metal
+ X-Plane 11.41 compatible

+ TA/RA sound module fix
+ engines sound for boost version fix

+ TCA Quadrant support

+ flaps operation issue fixed

+ just release

+ /plugins/fmgs/win.xpl and mac.xpl files updated cause of widgets issue

+ speed constraint issue fixed
+ ground spoilers operation improved


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