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Mega Airport Amsterdam FSX - ILS / Runway offset

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I recently purchased this tile for FSX. I noticed that, when landing, there is a slightly offset between the ILS and the Runway (see the pictures, I removed also weather effects to be sure). AIRAC is updated as FSX (using aero.sors).


I tried with a freeware scenery and the ils is perfectly aligned with runway. Is there a way to fix this?


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5 hours ago, Mirach said:

AIRAC is updated as FSX (using aero.sors)

these are really great updates, but they don't update third party scenary;(

look at the sim map, maybe you will have two ils beams for one runway, check it first.

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I checked and there are two ILS beams for 36C, with a different identifier but same frequency and slightly different hdg (3° vs. 5°): I performed another flight and ensured that the right identifier (MSA) was selected in the FMC, but the situation didn't change.

I also noticed that also others Aerosoft sceneries I owe (Rome, Milan) have duplicated ils, but I never had problems there.


During a take off from 36L on Vatsim I also saw that, while I was aligned on the centerline of the scenery, other planes in front of me aligned on the left of the runway (more or less like the pictures above): could it be possible that the runways have been modeled a couple of meters on the right from the exact position?


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47 minutes ago, Mirach said:

I checked and there are two ILS beams for 36C

if these two ILS have the same frequency(108.75 MHz) then the default will be used(this priority is set by the sim engine ) 99% this is your problem...

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