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SimWings EDDH - A320 positioned "too far" from Gate


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When I load a new flight with an A320 at Gate B3, the docking system states "too far". And indeed the plane is pretty much at a distance to the building.

When I then activate the jetway (ctrl-j), the jetway gets pulled apart, leaving some blank space in the middle of the jetway, while trying to dock to the airplane


I haven't tried other EDDH gates, but I do have the similar effect at some but not all EDDL gates (positioned far away from the building). So not sure, if this is scenery related at all.

Where do I need to look into?






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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Loading at a gate is not always correct. Limited by the sim.

The AFCAD has one reference point. Now depending on the aircraft there is also one reference point the sim is taking into account. This two points are matched at loading. At the end different aircraft will be placed different.

The VDGS does handle it different, but has no influence for loading the aircraft.

You can now do two things: 

1. edit AFCAD parking position until it matches with the particular aircraft model

2. Use the slewfunction to reposition the aircraft after loading.


I would prefer no.2 and create a saved flight for my preferred homebase/aircraft/airline combination.


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i have experienced the same at that gate. It happens aswell when you arrive at that Gate with an A320. Once the VDSG give the "stop" signal the aircraft is not as near to the gate as it should and you get in trouble with the Jetway not docking or weird. Even GSX says "no Jetway which can used at this position", but it´s recognizes the Sode JW as present.In outside view you can also see, that the nosewheel isn´t far enough. It even is not at the first stopmarking on the ground. As far i could test yet it´s only an issue at this specific gate. If you use the slewfunction to position the ac correct, the VDSG shows the message "TOO FAR" 

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