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Poprat LZTT and SODE EnvProbe

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Hi @Pavel1971,
I think there are several entries for the Environmental Data Probe in the SODE xml files missing.
Let's take LZTT_Forest.xml
 There we have
  <EnvironmentalDataProbe ClientList="LZTT_Road_Forest1"/>
But what is with the other Client Simobjects in this xml?
LZTT_Road_Forest2a (exists two times with different model content->second one should be named "LZTT_Road_Forest2_grass"?)

Similar problems in the files:


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Good afternoon!

EnvironmentalDataProbe ClientList specified directories with the name of forest models, which are in this xml in the SimObject Name sections.

The xml has a large list that should be in the ClientList. In ClientList, I did not specify all of it, since all models are displayed correctly in the simulator.

As a rule, in the EnvironmentalDataProbe ClientList section, I specify only the first directory with a SimObject Name.

I do not see any problems with this, since all records that are present in the xml are displayed correctly.

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