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Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition Release Date

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The Sidewinder is a bit of an inside joke. For decades they were norm for stability and reliability. Like Hans I got my Sidewinder (and the one with force feedback) and they are still absolutely perfect. The one without force feedback must be 25 years old. 


If you want to know how we handle such 'collections' of controllers, check the image. These are USB hubs that have push buttons to connect them. So if I need to switch from Honeycomb to Saitek, you simply press a few buttons.  Think this one has 28 connection.


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3 hours ago, AirbusPilotWB! said:

Looking forward to recieve my pre-order, and thank you for the setup instruction.

Any first impressions on the quadrant?




Yes, I seriously like it. It looks pretty realistic, is well constructed and you get great value for the money.  Could be a little heavier for me though. But that's easily fixed. 

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  • Deputy Sheriffs
37 minutes ago, MichiEDDS said:

I don't have an oportunity to choose TCA in my Airbus Configurator, its just not visible


19 minutes ago, MichiEDDS said:

updated, only TCA Sidestick visible quadrant not

Latest experimental update? Even I‘m not sure if it is already in that Update avail.

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On 19.10.2020 at 11:05, Mathijs Kok sagte:

It is not yet the 22nd is it now?


Here is how to make it work with our Busses.



THRUSTMASTER TCA CONTROLS.pdf 197 kB · 52 downloads


My configurator does not show the option to choose the throttle quadrant. I assume that has to do with the fact that you did not yet roll out the version that is capable of doing this?

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Looking forward to it. At least the buttons already work as intended, when one follows the pdf.

Thrustmaster's own setup document for MSFS is lacking. Assigning functions that are situated elsewhere in the cockpit and not having a release for the engine mode selector... 

But that as well will receive an update by Asobo soon.

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