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Dear Mr Mathijs,


Today I stumbled over a post of yours in another section of the forum:



The sentence with `60+ games running in 2 minutes`is certainly an eyecatcher 😃

If memory serves me right, you also stated that you install flightsim addons on the NAS

As I will be replacing mainboard+CPU+RAM in the very near future and wanted to go PCIe/NVMe SSD for storage purposes,

this 2 minute sentence changes some things 😊. As a new/clean install of the OS is always good practise and solves a lot of problems.

If someone decides to go along with NAS Storage, what are the considerations to be made before taking this road:

-1/hardware requirements (LAN Speed/NAS type/Other)

-2/Software requirements (especially the installers 😁 of the different flightsims(P3DVx only?)/XPlane/MSFS no go/...)


Thank you for your time



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I am running a 2,5 Gb network and have a two 1 Tb disks in the NAS, next to two 6 Tb hard disks. That means it is pretty fast (though not as fast as an internal SSD).  You will need a fast NAS, but these days most are plenty fast. I have a https://www.qnap.com/en/product/tvs-672n


As long as you link the NAS shares to a drive letter it will be exactly the same as if it would be an internal drive. 

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The specs of this NAS are impressive 👌(So is the pricetag). I am assuming that those 2 1Gb disks are SSD's setup for additional caching 😉

I am currently already on a 1Gb LAN. Not shure whether this is fast enough. Upping the networkspeed would mean for me also replacing modem/router, switches (1 Gb ports) and cabling (Cat 5e).

Price is only one aspect.

This mapping of shares to a drive letter makes things easy. I however remember that some addon software had problems with showing up of mapped drive letters in f.e. dialog boxes, depending on the language used for developing the addon.(The dev pointing to Microsoft and Microsoft to the dev,...)

This was a long time ago. Software evolves and this works for you, so I can safely assume that it will work for me too.

I wish I had not read your post, as I am in now for some sleepless nights before deciding which road to take🤔


Thank you for sharing







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