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Trondheim Vaernes - MSFS Content Manager

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I purchased ENVA Trondheim Vaernes from Aerosoft and installed in to MSFS.  It does not seem to appear in the content manager in MSFS.  Is there any way to disable this airport other than uninstalling?  I ask because I need to disable ENVA to do some troubleshooting with another airport.



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8 hours ago, scotth6 said:



Actually now I have found that it can be manually disabled in the content.xml file in the Flight Simulator folder.

As an alternative to avoid edits, you could simply move the content.xml file to a safe location and let the sim build a new one based on what it finds in the appropriate folders. Then when you're done with troubleshooting, you simply overwrite the new content.xml with the original. It's also perhaps a bit safer.

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