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AS Paderborn-Lippstadt (EDLP) Updated to Ver

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1 hour ago, pipeorgan said:

Any help would be appreciated.

 I'm happy to work through this with you, but I'll need some additional information first:

  1. Have you tried the patch available in the post in this link?
  2. Did you download and install from the in-game shop or direct from Aerosoft?

If the patch linked in question 1 doesn't help, and you downloaded EDLP from the in-game shop, please try uninstalling it there and then re-installing using the version linked in question 2. That version is probably the original, so will need to be updated using (hopefully) the Aerosoft Updater.


Here's what you should see when you open the Aerosoft Updater (No red text for EDLP because it's current for me. You get the version details by clicking on the add-on name) :




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All, please keep this on topic for the original poster. I left it open for a reply to my last post to pipeorgan. Also, as Tom notes here and in other posts, if you bought any add-on through the in-game Marketplace, that's where you'll have to go for updates.

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Thank you Mathijs, I appreciate the transparency. 


I am using the new Aerosoft Updater for sceneries sold at / from Aerosoft. It is convenient to launch a small application, that loads almost instantly to check for updates.

For sceneries from Orbx, as another example; I would use Orbx Central. It makes sense to receive updates from the designer / source it was being offered/sold and where the service lies. 


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