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Aerosoft Aircraft: Twin Otter

Mathijs Kok

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15 hours ago, Christopher Goff said:

1. Drive your car somewhere there's snow.


Right..... In the south of France where I am located that is not THAT easy.


The good news is that we will be sending out a beta to 22 testers today.

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Just to inform you, I have allowed the testers to show pictures are answer questions. BUT, they can only show and answer what works. So feel free to ask, but be ready to get a negative as responce.


And we do not have any more beta spots left...

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Had to take her where her performance shines.....one of the best places I know!


Taking some jumpers out to skydive over this lovely island.



Off we go!



Hope this the only shark we encounter this trip! :)



Jumpers away.....heading back for the next group.



Very popular aviation spotting area...here she comes!



You almost need to duck on some approaches!



Steep approach is putting it lightly! LOL



Back at the terminal....gabbing another bunch...



Lovey aircraft!


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