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Aerosoft Aircraft: Twin Otter (for MFS)

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Very early days but at least you can see we have started the project. This is NOT a conversion but everything will be done new, to the latest standards. As we have expanded our internal aircraft

It's not immediately clear, but all these orange lines show where the rivets are placed.     

Yet important, thanks for the heads-up.   It's always a great moment when you export for the first time to the sim!    Do not see this as a sign we are close to completion th

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All things shown for the Twin Otter model for MSFS are looking great so far!

Late to  the show regarding rendered copilot, but still here are my thoughts: I'm one of the new flight simmers that MS FS 2020 brought into your (our) community. To me everything is new. Right now in many smaller planes I need to switch or dial something on the copilot's side of the cockpit. I often switch the copilot's yoke to invisible because it obstructs my view to the switches/gauges/dials. If I imagine having a rendered copilot's knees or his hands/arms blocking my access or view to his side of the instrument panel I guess I'd switch him off/disable the option. Also when flying non-VR I mostly use the quick "look right" option to look out of the side windows (and not the look by mouse feature). Right now if my copilot's head would obstruct my view and again I'd opt to disable him. So from this perspective right now I'd say that a lot of designer's ressource/Anne's time would go into a feature I don't think I would use/appreciate at the moment.

On the other hand after enjoying flight simming in the last month, starting to add up controllers, radio panels, chart software, add on airports or planes I don't know if in a few months I'd really find myself happy to be closer to "the real thing" with having a copilot in all the planes which usually are flown by pilot and copilot..


One question regarding the Twin Otter: I'm not sure if I overread the answer in this thread. The pictures/WIP's Mathijs' posted show a model with wheels. Will there be a water based model as well?


Happy to follow the model's progress here and eagerly waiting to purchase/fly it in MSFS!

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