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No Approach CL after a GOAROUND.

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did you follow the procedure I suggested: After pertorming a GA please follow the GA flight path which normally ends in a holding. In the MCDU FPLAN after the holding you will find a F-PLAN DISCONTINUITY and the flight plan for another approach starting with the first FINAL WPT. Leave the holding, delete the discontinuity and set a managed heading course to that first FINAL WPT or use DIR TO and RADIAL IN. At the right distance automatically the APPROACH CL will start again. After that it is the same procedure like for the first approach?


If yes, then please tell me exactly much more details of your specific flight so that I am able to reproduce it because until now you are the only one having this problem and maybe it is an airport / flight plan specific issue.

  • Which plane / model are you using?
  • At which airport and approach this happens?
  • Please send me a screenshot of the MCDU F-PLAN page after you performed the GA or maybe a saved flight state before you started the approach (all 5 files which are saved in the C:\Users\Your name\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Files)





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Hi Rolf,

I'm using A319 Professional with P3D v. 4.5  and Pro Atc x . It happened at EDDN,EDDS,EDNY and LSZH. Normally I get vectors for new approach from Pro atc x. But even when I follow your suggested procedure the APPROACH CL won't start.




PS: Next time I'll send you a screenshot of the MCDU F-Plan.

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