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MSFS: A question to Aerosoft Scenery gurus, how to add red beacon light to scenery building in MSFS

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Hello Aerosoft Scenery gurus :), 


First of all, thank you for contributing to our sim community with amazing addones and also your work with Asobo to bring MSFS to the best possible level. 

I am working currently on small scenery landmark for MSFS and I have figured out most parts thanks to the community YouTube tutorials. I have also added some lights to my landmark (default from scenery editor) which looks good. I wanted to add red beacon light on the top of my landmark, I have somehow managed to do this by exporting a sphere that emits red light from blender, that works nicely if the camera is close to the landmark, however if I move the camera further away, the light will disappear. Hence my question here, please don't answer if you think may violate the company's policy, do you guys have any hints how to add such lights to the landmarks? The  MSFS SDK documentation in terms of lighting is still don't exist and I was hoping if you guys can give me a small hint how to do this as I spent days try to find a workaround which I couldn't. 


Thank you in advance.

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If you search Google for FS2020Creation you might find a topic called: Red and white aviation warning lights

Not sure, but maybe there's the hint you are looking for.



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