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EDVS / Trondheim jetway not working

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First of all, congratulations on this beautiful Airport. It truly is a gem, great Job!


I have tested in many ways, but could not get the Jetbridge working. Ground is saying the cannot connect it at this time, try again later. I assume this is due to the unfinished SDK and the fact that this jetway is unlike those delivered with the basic sim. 

Also the VDGS is not working, but I assume this is also due to the current limitations for developers?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 9_12_2020 12_51_29 PM.png

Microsoft Flight Simulator 9_12_2020 12_51_20 PM.png

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Hi, thanks!

That's correct. Right now animations for these types of jetways are unsupported, so for now the jetways are static objects. As soon as these types of animations are possible the scenery will get an update though!

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