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J'ai reçu hier mon pack DVD de "FS2020 premium de luxe" que j'ai installé.

Au moment de vouloir jouer, impossible !


Xbox me signale l'erreur "le fichier spécifié est introuvable"...

Lequel ?


Une désinstallation et une réinstallation de la version jeu (env 1 Go) donne la même erreur !!!


Xbox est NOK mais un Revérifier donne xbox OK.


Je relance FS2020 ou reviens dessus et j'ai donc une nouvelle fenêtre avec le bouton "jouons" et mon alias mais cela redonne la même erreur !!!

Pourquoi ?


Merci pour votre aide.

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Well, xbox is not part of the car, but a service running in the background, driven by the manufacturer. So you have to go to the manufacturer and not to the garage, as the garage has no control over things done by the manufacturer.

And again, you did not answer my question, whether The MS Store app and the xbox are update.

And as you are the only user having this problem, I have no idea what could cause this very specific problem.

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18 hours ago, Amar Larguer said:

Why dooes FS2020 need xbox suite and/or Microsoft store to play ?



That‘s a question you have to ask Mictosoft. But that‘s the way they decided to distribute games and other Windows apps.

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Once again: the problem you have is not at  all related to the MFS, but to xbox. So please ask Microsoft. Aerosoft cant solve xbox problems.

If you dont get any response from MS support, you might also visit a xbox related  Microsoft forum.

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With the help of a friend, I solved my problem with Xbox using a PowerShell script.

Now after the (35 GB) updates I can fly ... but with some difficulty.
My joystick (Saitek Cyborg Evo) is not fully recognized!
I have his name but no associated key.
Do you know why?
NB: The driver update (64b) was redone this morning and is OK with other games.

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