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stuck on loading screen after reinstalled twice

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When I installed MFS Standard Edition first the additional download content was interrupted at 15.89 of 16.09GB. I had at least two insufficient boat patches. In MFS I couldn't select the marketplace and the content manager kept loading infinitely (also with the deleted incomplete patches). While playing activities I had stutters and poor performance mostly at the beginning of the flight and relatively short in front of the airport (the MSI Afterburner showed no issues - same issue without Afterburner), but that vanished completely after restarting the scenery or nearly while flying in windows key modus. I only flew small planes. My PC had a very good performance at customized flights, though. In Aspen there were some bulbs in the air. I tried to repair and reset MFS but nothing changed. I uninstalled the App via the icon but it just uninstalled the launcher. So I deleted all files belonging to MFS manually. Then I reinstalled it and got stuck on the loading screen after the video intro. The screen was loading half with the picture of the Daher and turned black at half load. The last quarter loaded all extremely slowly, but the App got stucked there. I clicked reset and repair and move "to another drive" without succeeding. I did that twice (first by installing it into the default root folder, the second try under C:/MFSF). I uninstalled those both via Windows MFS APP and Windows MFS DVD Content.

I noticed that I had no MSFS files inside the roaming folder after both reinstallations.  

Does that cause the issue?


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