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Just now, Rudy Fattal said:

I agree with you. The fun has gone out of it and most of us are deflated and have had enough.  Anticipation is one thing but this has gone beyond that.  How difficult can it be to just give us a time of release?

You're seriously going to let that, of all things, ruin the fun???  Would you prefer they tell you a time of release, so that every single person and their mother will all be downloading at the exact same time, crashing the servers, potentially not allowing you to download it at time of release?  You got a day of release, be happy with it.  

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3 minutes ago, TRYstang said:

Some AP issues on the streams. Filbert getting some pitching happening at the moment.


that was due to supposedly known icing bug, someone recommended making icing effects visual only and all seems fine after he changed it.

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