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I will add my support to Mathijs sentiment here.  One of the things we constantly try to snuff out is this popular meme that developers are all in competition with one another like newspaper barkers o

Friends, I was asked to posts this.   -----------------------------   Dear FlightSim Community,   We feel the expectation on us to give official information about the rel

I have seen some questions about wingflex on other sites. Now, readers here know why we do not care a lot but let me go over it one more time to close the discussion ones and for all. The CRJ

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42 minutes ago, M4V3R1CK said:

Well for me it will be Paderborn [EDLP] to Koeln/Bonn [EDDK]. The only two 3rd party airports I own so far :D I know it's a really short trip but I'm still waiting for Nuernberg [EDDN] to come to the new Sim :)


Half copying you -i'm planning Paderborn to Munich

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I've already said it before but I'll be doing CVG - DTW. It's a nice short flight but long enough that I can take the time to learn the aircraft and how it flies, and it also originates at my home airport. I am a little nervous about manually controlling the speed but apart from that I am very excited to fly the CRJ in msfs, it is my favorite rj.

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On 12/14/2020 at 4:24 AM, Mathijs Kok said:


Yes and that makes good sense for moderately complex objects. It is a HUGE pain in the neck for a complex model like we do.  It means that after you done the high poly model you got to do 6 (or even 10) other models that are less and less complex. This can easily double the amount of time you need.  So from a 9 month project you go to a year and a half of work.  We are not totally convinced high end aircraft need this so we only did two LOD's.  There is so much to learn in MFS. 


Hi Aerosoft team,


Just wondering, would you consider doing a 'Development Update' every once and a while? Similar to what asobo did. I understand you can't talk openly in the forum but it would still be great to keep a bit of communication going. It feels like this has gone from the most open development to the most secret. Perhaps a carefully constructed 'newsletter' or something? 

Just an idea..... 


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vor 2 Stunden , ReconB4 sagte:

[...] My hope is that the FMS operates properly as it did not in their first CRJ attempt.

Which one do you mean? The CRJ for X-Plane or the one for P3D?

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