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16 minutes ago, Herman said:

Petter, it's the pinned thread at the top of that section.


Trying to be polite here, but you really should take the time to look for things on your own instead of asking others to do it for you. In this case, Mathijs told you what forum section to look in, and it's pretty obvious which thread to look at when you open the section. Thinking about many of your posts in the Aerosoft forums, you could have found the answer yourself with a quick Google/Bing search. Now it may be that you find it hard to do if your English language skills are a bit weak, but learning to do things yourself through a translator app in your browser is a vital life skill these days.

okay sir 

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Going to defend PMDG here. Robert is a good friend and PMDG and Aerosoft have been working together for a very long time.   Although PMDG and Aerosoft aim for different goals in aircraft sim

Some more images... nothing really new to see but do compare this to default aircraft and you see we are learning some new tricks.... Still a lot missing, but we are getting there! As you will see the

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1 hour ago, Jeroen Doorman said:

It’s so clean 😎


Squeakyy clean. But that's where we start. we add bad paint and dirt on top of that. Again, we are modeling paint imperfections these days, how crazy is that?

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21 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

Noen flere bilder ... ingenting virkelig nytt å se, men sammenlign dette med standardfly, og du ser at vi lærer noen nye triks .... Fortsatt mye mangler, men vi kommer dit! Som du vil se er den nåværende modellen en helt ny og svært polert. Det må fortsatt få skitt og malingsfeil. Kan du tro at vi nå snakker om ufullkommenheter i et malingslag? Da jeg begynte med Flightsim var Paris en enorm uniformspolygon med 7 hjørner. London var kult ettersom det hadde en elv og 15 hjørner.


Og som sagt, vi vil ikke gjøre billige porter fra P3d V4, alt dette er helt nye ting. Klikk og åpne for å se full størrelse ...





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On 9/1/2020 at 7:20 PM, Mathijs Kok said:

Some more images... nothing really new to see but do compare this to default aircraft and you see we are learning some new tricks....


Aerosoft modelers are simply stunning. Amazing job.

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ok, but if you show pictures of Crj then don't show them in the MSFS hangar because the models in the simulator don't look at the same level as there ok? :)

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5 hours ago, Hans Hartmann said:



I made a short (and crude) video about how things currently look. After removing a major roadblock, it felt like the right time to share.


Those screens don't look flat! Is that a CRT curvature that's modelled into these screens? Or are my eyes deceiving me?

EDIT: This one in particular, looks a little "bubbled":


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It looks great, can't wait to purchase this and give it a spin.
a point tho, has been discussed in relation to aircraft for p3d in the past, but i think it shows even more here.

This could use higher resolution textures on the exterior, looking at the screenshots:
The red text in the second last screenshot is already quite a bit blurry, and the same goes for the top of the lufthansa letters in the last screenshot.

Has the texture resolution been increased compared to the p3d version or the same resolution? Increasing it would really make it 'pop' so much more.
Of course i can understand the concerns for performance, but maybe giving the livery painter the option to use high res textures would be possible?




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6 hours ago, Hans Hartmann said:

Yes, there is a curve in the glass, but it has been there in the CRJ Pro already. So nothing new.

Ah I’ve only ever used the FSX version, which wasn’t curved if I remember correctly. 

Nice to see all these little details, it keeps reminding me that this is a living and breathing product line!

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