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Airports and nav aids display


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Using the very latest update of CRJ. Noticed that the airports do not display on the ND screen when selected in the FMS. After cycling through OFF, ON, COMP a few times, they then appear.

I think this was listed as one of the new fixes but it is not working properly.

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  • CRJ Forum Moderator

Hey Trevor! 


Hans and the team are swamped with the launch of FS2020, if you could give us more details about your system (P3D version, etc) it would help Hans at a busy time.


Cycling through On/OFF\VNAV/Comp won't affect this, but under the index tab there's a subsection where you can poke around and adjust some of these settings. 


Additionally, DAVE has these choices tucked away in the settings tab, this might help you turn them on. 



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