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My StarFlyer JA25MC Airbus A320 CFM 1.0.0 skin doesnt load i have changed the config file (Youll see in the attachments) and it still does not work adding the model name sharklets in all caps also doesnt work as then i cannot even see the plane when i go to select it.

Any help would be appreciated.


Capture 2.PNG

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the line "model" is empty. Read the readme file again, that comes with the product.

And next time choose the correct section, as this repaint is not done by Holger.

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There are two different downloads for this livery, one for FSX/P3D and one for the Airbus Professional (P3Dv4 and v5).  Be sure you're downloading the correct one, which is located HERE.


Since I don't have FSX or P3Dv3 installed there is no way I can test this, but I've checked it and it looks good to me so it should work.  Please post a screen shot of both your CURRENT aircraft.cfg file and the folder and files showing the texture folder is correctly placed.



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