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Ray Proudfoot

Learjet 25D - 2000nm range but PFPX limits to 1150nm

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I have downloaded a template file for the Lear25D by Captain Obvious. I'm using it for planning flights with the Xtreme Prototypes Lear 25D SE which has a range of 2000nm.


But planning various flights PFPX tell me the fuel required exceeds capacity on a route of 1174nm. That's just over half the range. I edited the aircraft in PFPX and supplied fuel flow, TAS, Altitude etc. hoping it would help. But with a fuel bias of 15.3% it's still woefully short of what should be possible.


The problem probably lies in the txt file supplied by Capt Obvious. But how do you change the data? Those Climb and Cruise tables look daunting. Is there a tutorial on how to create these files?

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