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Heinz Flichtbeil

HotFix 1 for German Islands 1: East Frisia (XP11)

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in the meantime there was some feedback from our customers regarding the performance and a few minor problems...

Before we release a more extensive update at a later date, we have a small HotFix 1 for you.

Required are of course the installed German Islands 1 East Frisia (XP11).

If someone with a weaker graphics card (with the highest object density set in XP11) has performance (FPS) problems, just try the HotFix.

Additionally a small Taxiway problem (Borkum) and at Norderney a Taxi Lights problem are fixed.


Just download the zip file below and unzip it.

In the unzipped folder there are 3 folders:

Aerosoft - German Islands 1 - Borkum

Aerosoft - German Islands 1 - Library

Aerosoft - German Islands 1 - Norderney


Simply copy these 3 folders into the Custom Scenery directory.

Let existing files be overwritten/replaced.


So Borkum and Norderney are done.


For the performance:

in the Aerosoft - German Islands 1 - Library folder of your Custom Scenery folder there is now an additional folder OPTIONS.

Included is a folder "Vegetation density" and in it 2 folders "Fast" and "Normal".

In each of these folders there is a file "library.txt".

With this file simply replace the library.txt in the parent folder "Aerosoft - German Islands 1 - Library".

Fast means: better performance.

Normal means: standard installation with more exact vegetation representation.

But this will only have an effect on weaker graphics cards and if you have the XP11 setting control (Graphics) for the object density on the far right.


Greeting Heinz



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