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VS autopilot DC8

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Good guys
The other day I am very happy flying my new DC8 from aerosoft until everything is fine when I reach the height of cruiser left with the autopilot armed the selector in V / S and the roulette in hold altitude
and does not maintain the altitude that I select in the selector on top of the instruments of the drivers' motors as I do to maintain altitude thanks


Moderator Edit: I changed your font size down to the standard 14 point. The huge one you originally posted with has the same effect as rude shouting.

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There's a dedicated support area for the DC-8, so I moved this for you. While you're here, as a new user, it's always a good idea to look around the forum to see how it's organized.


I hid your other post as it seemed an unexpected duplicate as it was blank and had the same title as your post above. 

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