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EDDM - Apron Tower Terminal 2 / Terminal Interior


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Let me first thank you for bringing Munich to our sims. After switching to P3D I always missed the old GAP Munich and the competitor's offering never really got me too excited. Now we finally have a beautiful Munich done by developers who update their products and who are available for support. Dankeschön für München und tolle Arbeit!

1) Some little thing I noticed is the missing Apron Tower that is above the terminal 2 satellite. The existing Vorfeldtower Ost was enclosed by the new satellite and the base of the tower is now in the middle of a food court. Would it be possible to add this structure as the terminal is designed in a transparent way? 

2) Is there any chance to add just some 2D or 3D passengers to the terminals? Sim-Wing's Barcelona and Madrid have them and it would help to make the terminal at Munich feel bit more alive.

3) At Gate 251 is a luggage cart parked into a vehicle. 



(by Backupboy / de.wikipedia)

(by www.munich-airport.com)

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