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Extending Range For Antarctica Ferry Flight

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Wasn’t sure which forum to add this too - scenery vs aircraft. Thought I’d try here and see what happens. 


I’m trying the ferry flights included with the Antarctica scenery. A few of the legs in South America are outside of the range of the Twin Otter. I think it’s something like 770nm where some of the legs are over 1000nm. 


I think the manual mentioned something about internal tanks. Aside from running with unlimited fuel, is there any way to simulate this? I know there is a switch to turn on/off the wingtip tanks, but there wouldn’t be one to use the internal tanks. It would be easy enough to land at one of the airport along the flight plan to top off the tanks. This would be a little harder to do over the open ocean. 


Thank you,



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Colin, I think you can edit the aircraft.cfg and change the fuelcapacity to simulate add. tanks in the cabin. I did something similar for another aircraft to do ferry flights. But dont ask me which numbers need to be changed for the Twotter.

Most important:

- make a backup of the original aircraft.cfg

- do not exceed the max weights

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