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New LiveryInstaller Feedback

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Aerosoft A320/321 Professional

Livery Installer

I felt the need to offer some feedback and make a request concerning the new livery installer and I didn't know where to make that. If there is a better place, please let me know! (or just move it)

Please read everything below in a positive voice. I am writing it all in a very calm, level tone. :) 


Request: Please bring back the old livery installer


I have a file of downloaded liveries (22 of them from these Aerosoft forums) that I use for the Airbus A320/321 Professional. I have used the same liveries ever since I bought the product. With every update to the A320/321, I have had to reinstall all the liveries and it always went without a hitch. I'd go into the old installer and start installing liveries. It took 5 minutes at the most and all of them always worked! Beautiful! Simple! Great program!


Then, the release of the new installer... I figured it would work as easily as advertised and as easily as the previous version, but it does not. 

First, I tried dragging and dropping the zip files of the liveries but most of the time, that did not work. I also tried clicking "Install Liveries" and selecting the files. Of the 22 liveries I always used, only 2 installed and worked properly this way.


But, I then read that the file layout mattered, so I tried adjusting that according to the instructions and installing, but that didn't really work either. Zero installed this way. I tried a few and some of the time, the installer would say they installed but that livery wouldn't be in the sim.


So, I spent the last hour trying to manually install liveries by copying and pasting the textures and then modifying the cfg. I did gain a few more (2) this way. The ones that did work I have been clicking "Package Selected Liveries" so that at least in the future, the process should be much faster.

However, even installing manually, many of my past liveries are still not working correctly. Either they don't display at all, or they are much darker than they should be...


I downloaded some "new" liveries from the forums and some of them installed and some didn't...


So, I wanted to give you that feedback. Using the new livery installer (, I have only been able to install 4 of the 22 liveries I have always had installed since I have owned the A320/321 Professional. Only 2 of 22 I was able to install actually using the installer. I tried all 22 but only 2 installed. I was also able to install 2 more manually but that has been it so far. With the old installer, I could install all 22 in less than 5 minutes and they all worked.


So, my request: please bring back the old livery installer or make the new one function like the old one


A happy Aerosoft customer! :) 



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Please use the correct forum (and the old livery installer is available there).

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