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Just to be sure: There are a few plugins which crash X-Plane if the number of TCAS contacts exceeds 19 or 20 until they are updated. I think I've read that SAM can react to some "AI traffic". As there is no real AI traffic in X-Plane, AFAIK it's either fully featured "network multiplayer" aircraft or just dumb 3D objects, I have to ask if SAM by any chance also uses TCAS data to support docking other aircraft? If it does, did you already test if SAM is fully compatible with more than 20 TCAS contacts at the same time? It seems that other plugins perform illegal memory access in such cases which leads to CTDs. 


Note that TCAS has nothing to do with Vulkan, it's just an additional change in XP 11.50 and even if a plugin already supports Vulkan it may still not have been checked for issues resulting from the TCAS API changes.

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