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A320 Not Central in Spot View

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I just purchased the A320/A321 for P3DV4 last week and I must say that I am generally happy with it. The P3Dv4 version has many improvements from the P3Dv3 version I had previously. BUT, there is one thing that really annoys me (and something I haven't really seen since the FS98 days!),


and that is when viewing the exterior of the plane in spot view, the aircraft is not central in the image (see picture below). perhaps this is a problem with wide screen although I believe that this is something that is only correctable in the .MDL file (C of G ??)rather than something that can be corrected by adjusting camera views. 


Unless anyone knows how to correct this in the sim, if not I will be grateful if Aerosoft could correct this should they release any future updates for this. If anything, it's putting me off purchasing the A318/319.






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