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Ripped Models for Profit


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While I haven't been around for quite some time I received an email from one of the most talented and prolific livery painters (DetCord) around before the staff here banned him that resulted in the removal of some 100+ 5 star liveries. That aside, he stated that his account was suspended and was no longer able to contact any of the AS staff regarding, well, anything. Instead of attempting to explain as I go, I'll just leave the contents of the email here so the Aerosoft staff can make their own decisions.


Dear Mathijs,


The individual detailed in this section is ripping AS and Captain Sim products, converting them using Blender and 3DS, importing into A3, and then placing them on the web in a for profit construct via PayPal and TRD accompanied via the likes of Twitch donations, etc. In fact, I've found that thousands upon thousandes of Dollars have been made off your products being ripped and introduced into ArmA 3, not merely as an extension or modification for poops and giggles, but as a for profit enterprise. Again, I have no issue with a modder taking something and introducing it into another genre or platform. My issue remains with someone, anyone, whomever they might be, taking financial incentives for a product that isn't their own.


Aerosoft A320 and Captain Sims addons illegally ripped and converted for profit.


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

I won't go into detail what happened with DetCord, that's not for the public eyes. Rest assured he can always contact Aerosoft using the support email address.

He indeed is an excellent painter, but there were certain limits overstepped which resulted in his ban.


Thanks for forwarding the message, it'll go right to the legal department.

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