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Does anyone know how to install Aerosoft A319/A320 Airbus X Extended textures into P3D V4?

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I managed to do this once before but for the life of me I forgot how to do it. If my memory serves me correctly it was just a simple copy and paste job into P3D V4 to get OLD aerosoft Airbus livery's working in P3D V4. But I have tried this with one texture (Royal Jordianan A320) and it is appearing in my sim and I can fly it fine, however, when i try it with other textures for the old Airbus model without the files from the "Airbus X Extended" nothing appears in my sim despite me copying and pasting the files from the ""Airbus X Extended" The textures that came with the Royal Jordianan A320 are "Clean Version" Dirt Version" and "Update AirbusX Extended" the files from the Airbus X Exended i copyed into the Clean Version folder and it works in the Sim 100%. depsite that repaint not being P3D V4 native.

I tried the same with some old liverys that didn't have the "Update AirbusX Extended" folder included when I downloaded the livery, however, as I said i somehow managed to get them to work in P3D V4 but i can't remember for the life of me what I did. I did follow this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyFHJDfh-5c but that doesn't cover how to get the textures from ""Update AirbusX Extended" to work on an old livery

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