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Bratislava M.R.Stefanik Airport - LZIB, Slovakia для P3DV4+ and V5

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I was looking for additional material and saw this photo, which I really liked.


Photo: Michal Hergott. Website https://www.planephotos.net/home/




Please post links to such content instead.


Thanks, I'll take that into account!

Here is the link to the photo





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Thank you!

Friends from Bratislava help me with the material, some of them are directly related to the Bratislava airport.
But I would appreciate any help. Therefore - thanks again!

I finish making signs at the airport. I was guided by the documents, but I had to watch a lot of amateur videos, photographs from all possible angles to get the necessary information. 
It turned out about 100 characters, I already lost count :)
But today I'm finishing my work with signs)

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Radar in the simulator. In parallel, I am making forest belts. I prepare textures for the seasons (traditionally spring - summer, autumn, winter). There will be many trees. There will be less grass. Locally the grass will be at the waiting positions around the apron






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This is not a tower yet, this is a working sketch of the future control tower.
It was a pleasant surprise for me when I learned that the control tower at Bratislava airport in 1998 received the Slovak award for architecture that embodies modern style, dynamics, and speed.
The tower is really beautiful!






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In principle, in principle, I am satisfied. Such is the heel of the tower. The upper glass has a certain degree of transparency, the lower glass is embedded in the walls of the tower. The necessary equipment will be on the roof of the tower. There will be a minimal interior inside: tables in a semicircle, a couple of monitors.




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Sometimes it happens that some elements of the model can simply torment. To bring to the state of a nervous breakdown :)

In the tower model, the roof was such an element. Already well past midnight and only now, I was satisfied with the tower.






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In my opinion, the tower is one of the most difficult objects to model in this scenario. There is not much left, maybe tomorrow I will finish it.

There will be several Follow Me vehicles in the scenario, one of which will move from the tower along the platform and return back to the tower.






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Another testing and I offer you some screenshots before the weekend.

In addition, boarding gates have been built. I needed to check if the building models match the markings on the apron. They are still without textures, therefore, the gateways were not included in the screenshots.

I think I'm finishing the passenger terminal, lighting poles that I haven't installed yet. After that I study the export of Bratislava to FS2020.

As I said earlier, I want LZIB to come out for two simulators at once: P3D and FS2020.








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I made a terminal frame with a roof and ridges and then tested them in a simulator. I took some screenshots.

The first screenshot shows what territory the project occupies. Houses, forest plantations in the city are arranged using scenProc and QGIS. In the second screenshot, the airport itself, you can see the roof of the terminal :)

Color correction was done only for work.





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Hi Pavel ,


Congratulation for your work for LZKZ Kosice and LZTT Poprad Tatry airport for P3DV4 and P3DV5 . It is great you are now working for LZIB  Bratislava Stefanik airporta and hope you will release it soon.

I just want make aware that there are available on public licence on GKU LIDAR data for Bratislava and also great ortophotos 20 cm/pixel whole Slovakia.



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Hi Pavel,

I just want to point out that on the stand (gate) number 7, the surface is no longer covered with asphalt, but in 2020 this surface was reconstructed and is covered with concrete.
so for reality I would recommend fixing.
Your work is amazing I keep my fingers crossed !!
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Thank you, guys!

"tapko57" I mean your information. For Kosice, a colleague from Aerosoft helped me find a supplier for orthophotos. For Poprad, I ordered orthophotos from a company located in Slovakia and engaged in aerial photography. Both suppliers are very good!
Rastislav, I will also consider your information, thanks! They will send me a photo so that I can clearly see what concrete looks like a parking lot.


The Bratislava airport is undergoing reconstruction. Sometimes I have to edit some points in the process. So the lighting masts were recently replaced, new markings.

I am currently working on a terminal.

Tomorrow I will make the entrances to the terminal and by the end of the week, I will connect the gateways to the terminal.






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Hi Pavel
I don't have a photo, but for reality it will be enough for me to change the asphalt for concrete. It is quite recent that apron was reconstructed, so there is not much photo documentation. Of course, if I can get anything, you will be the first one to give it to :-))

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Rastislav, I found a new photo. It was taken around the spring of this year. In the distance, on taxiway "D", Dash aircraft are visible, which have been brought to a temporary stop during the Covid quarantine.
I have a concrete slab in place of the 7th parking lot and, on top, there is a layer of asphalt with cracks and a dark base. I'll edit it. This will not be a problem.
Everything will be done as it looks today.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention!




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