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Bratislava M.R.Stefanik Airport - LZIB, Slovakia для P3DV4+ and V5

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On 4/7/2021 at 6:16 PM, Pavel1971 said:

Well guys, I'm done working on the updates.

In the screenshots you can see from the new one, these are houses next to runway 22, the smoking pipes of an oil refinery. I also made fences around the airport and finally I was able to solve the problem of the intensity of the illumination of the runways. The lighting is fine now.

All I have to do is collect the archives, prepare a description, and on Monday I will send them to the publisher.

When the updates are ready for release, they will write about it.











Great selection👍 Fits to my DA42 actual real operation. So airport is ready for next level with DA62 😜

Great development Pavel! Respect!

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Hi Pavel, I would like to thank you in the first place for the great work on the update.  Now I have noticed that there is a mistake in the scenery about the fat of individual gates.  more accurate evil plane position on gate 3,4,5 attached screenshot from simulator.  The correct position of the aircraft is perpendicular to the terminal and it concerns gate 1 to 12, I attach a photo.  There is also an error from when I want to start the simulation from gate 10, so it does not allow me in the simulator - error there is gate 10. I will ask you for a repair.  Well thank you.



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Hello Rastislav.

Thank you for your good review. I'm glad you liked it. I would argue about parking spaces 5X and 4X :) All parking lots are located in relation to the AIP schemes.

At 10 there is a static Boeing 737 and I have not removed this parking lot from the list. Thank you for noticing this.

Well, I will now be busy replacing hardware on my PC until the beginning of May.
The primary task after the replacement of equipment will be the preparation of the export of Bratislava for the MFS, I have already done the preliminary work.

In preparing Bratislava for MFS, I will make another small update to P3D. They will come out together in the second half of the summer. 


While preparing this small update, we will discuss Rastislav your comments once again!



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Ok Pavel agreed.  Gate 4 and 5 are also marked for sloping stands, but the Boeing 737 is always parked vertically at these gates!  In the case of sloping parking, it is more intended for small aircraft ... If you still need to know something, feel free to contact us.

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Good Rastislav :)

In the summer I will write you a private message and we will come back to this moment when I make a small update of Bratislava for P3D! 

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