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Honor Flight for the MD-80 Maddog

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Sorry for the late post, but I just learned on this amazing, well deserved flight sim event.


Today the VATSIM Atlanta ARTTC will be honoring the MD-80 Maddog as Delta Airlines has placed the aircraft out of service.


If you're not aware, Delta was not only the last major operator of the MD-80, they have been the largest operator of the aircraft for some time.  The lack of air travel due to COVID-19 did what many years could not, force Delta to ground their fleet of this truly wonderful aircraft.


We'll be flying the event in Shared Cockpit (Leonardo MaddogX) and single cockpit on our Discord server, though any aircraft is welcome.  Come and fly with us and/or watch our live streams of the event on Discord if you'd like, a nd join in the conversation!  All welcome!


DISCORD SERVER:  https://discord.gg/AbBX5Xn


EVENT INFO:  https://forums.vatusa.net/index.php?topic=9348.0


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