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EFB (A318-319-320-321) and Carenado SVS

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Hello Aerosoft


Are you aware that the EFB is incompatible with Carenado SVS for G1000 ? Both use the same WebSimConnect module and when I install the Aerosoft buses, SVS becomes unusable in any Carenado plane with G1000 (shows the fatal TERR ERR on PFD).


I would love to hear from you on that




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I contacted Marcin and he answered me very quickly (this guy is awesome!) that indeed the two products are not compatible with one another.


That's not a  big big deal but it should be documented somehow somewhere imho.


Indeed, when you look at the files installed by Carenado SVS and AS buses in P3Droot\WebSimBrowser\2.1 they are pretty different (see file size for WebSimBrowser.* WebSimProcess.exe WebSimXML.dll...)


To be followed....

carenado.txt as.txt

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