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Airbus Professional Piloting Fix

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Hi all,

I bought the Airbus Professional from Aerosoft and I have a problem : the piloting of the aircraft is slow, there is like a delay. It's strange because it's the only addon for which I have this problem. Indeed, with PMDG aircraft, QualityWings I have no worries. But with the Airbus Pro is what if there was a delay of a few seconds between the time I pull on the handle and the action repeats itself in the simu. It's problematic enough in the final to be well aligned. If anyone has a solution. Thank you.

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I'm not an Airbus or Boeing pilot, but the FBW implementation between Boeing and Airbus are quite different. There will always be some input lag as in the Airbus you're flying the computer, the computer then in turn flies the airplane. IMO, the Aerosoft Airbus (330/320) are well modeled, assuming you have all their latest updates.

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This is indeed strange. I did never had such an experience in any of the Aerosoft Airbus Packages. And I had a few of them, since the very first release until now with the A330 under P3Dv5.

Unfortunately you did not mention anything helpful like your Flightsim-Version, Windows Version, do you use FSUIPC or any "Yoke-Software" (like "TARGET" or whatever...)

Since there are so many Airbus Professional Pilots without this issue, I would say it is nearly impossible to help you. But I'm only just another user...

In the end a fresh PC setup and a fresh Flightsim setup will fix nearly all issues. Thats the way I personally do it 3-5 times per year...



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