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Trojan Virus Warning when installing EDDF

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Hello - When I went to install EDDF into P3d v5 I got a "severe warning" regarding a trojan virus. Is it safe to run this installer?


Severe Alert: Trojan:Win32/Occamy.C


Cheers, Pete

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This happens time to time depending on the AV System and called true/false findings.

This tool is including no critical codes, only reads Reg entries to find your P3D, calls the Prepar3D.exe to register the addon and renames BGL files in the scenery folder depending the settings you choice.

But it also includes many GIF pictures to show the areas for the setting.

AV tools checking for existence of bit combinations they define as critical, maybe seen in the codes of this gif that combi.

My Mcafee AV never had such warning, because they don‘t simple warn based on bit masks.

As long as you use the official Shop sources to download the Original Installers, we never had heard or seen a real infection.



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