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Hi aerosoft team, guys I always saw you put update online but never saw any news or work done about the CPDLC... When this option will be ready? In ATC menu we have a lot of options inop... When this options will be ready? Some news about the work on it?? True north ref we normally have a message on the ecam when you push ON we normally see on the ecam " True North Ref" why he don't here?? When I taxi with the aircraft the wings don't moove.. Why there is absolut no the wings flex on the ground?? It is in WIP? And the sunshades why we don't have any orange/yellow reflect of the sunshade in the cockpit?

take care to see all this differents issues about AS330 guys or if it is in WIP give the community some news about it.


Mod Edit: Title changed, since there's a lot of question marks here. They may be "issues" to you, but they're questions to the wider community.

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  • Herman changed the title to AS330 Questions
  • Root Admin
  • On CPDLC we decided a long time ago to be very cautious not to do work that is not covered by a solid SDK from groups like VATSIM and IVAO. This still not available but they seem all to have decided to use the hopppy network so we are looking into it again.
  • For True North please post in the correct section.
  • There is wingfles on the ground, but we are trying to do it accurately, so it is very modest. Almost all wingflex we have ever seen in the sim is wildly overdone. This will not change.
  • To make all light orange in the cockpit would need adding a very complex new module, simply not worth the effort (keep in mind this is not a >$100 addon)

As we always do, I am closing this topic as there are a lot of totally unrelated questions posted. If you like to discuss them, please do so in the correct forum section!

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