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Dionicio Colon Torres

Airbus A320 issues

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Hi guys, I would like to know why I'm having issues with the Aerosoft A320 packet, specifically, when I'm trying to complete a route the simulator quicks me out, I'm having this issues just with the A320, do you guys know why? 

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First, welcome to the forums!


Let's get a little information about this. 


1. Which Airbus do you have?  We produced three different Airbus aircraft, two for FSX/P3Dv3 and one for P3Dv4.  The latter (the one for P3Dv4) is the Airbus Professional.


2. Which specific aircraft are you having issues with?  If you're running the Airbus Professional, we developed 8 different aircraft for that sim.  If you're running the Airbus Professional, please tell us which aircraft (A318, A319, A320, A321, A330) and the engine type, and that will help us narrow things down.


3. What other payware airliners do you have (the ones that don't do this)?


4. I'm assuming the "quicks me out" your describing is a Crash to Desktop (P3D stops running)?  If you would, please open the Windows Event Viewer and get the information for the Crash to Desktop (CTD) and provide it here for us to take a look it.


Looking forward to hearing back from you!  Again, welcome to the forums!





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Hello Dionicio,


 Just in case, you can type in spanish in this section, also try to explain in more detail as Dave say :)

Por si acaso puedes escribir en español en esta sección, intenta explicarnos con detalle como dice Dave




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