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Feethere V.2 E-195

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Having computed and released the flight in PFPX export using the simulator option eg Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D v4 etc


Load the exported plan into the simulators own planner via the menu.


The plan is then loaded into the FMC as detailed in the supplied documentation of the Embraer,

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Yes I understand and just as my previous post.


Export to your flightsimulator version whether that be Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Prepar3D:




Load this plan into the simulators OWN flightplanner.


Follow the Feelthere instructions for loading the .FPL:


Loading FS flight plans:
Pressing LSK 2L will load the flighplan in active FS memory into the FMC. Before
loading the flight plan you must first have loaded into the FS flightplanner the route you
wish to fly. If a route is not in active FS memory you will MCDU will display 'CAN NOT
IMPORT PLAN'. FS flight plans contain only waypoints; not runway, SID, STAR,
altitude or performance information. After an FS flight plan is loaded the MOD FLT
PLAN screen is opened and the pilot must enter and activate runway, SID, STAR,

altitude and performance information. After modification the plan needs to be


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