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How to have PFPS pick up weather without the sim on the same PC

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Is there anyway of pfpx picking up weather without the sim on the same pc ? I see it says online but then it says no weather even after selecting online.. So basically it has to have a sim to connect too ?

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Hello Herman,


PFPX comes with a first year online services susbscription, thereafter this can be renewed. Check your server access status via the configuration menu general tab.


Not all weather stations are active 24hr so it is possible that No Weather may be returned.


Without a server subscription it is possible to some weather engines: ActiveSky, FSGRW and the older REX. Connecting to these would depend on there location and if the weather sourve in the remote PC then you would need to share the required folder. Need more info for that.


The use of the alternative weather sources may not be as accurate for planning especially over long distances.

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Hi Herman


If you have ActiveSky, you can get PFPX to read the Active Sky files from your AppData>Roaming>Hifi>[Activesky_version_name]>Weather Folder.


If PFPX is on a different computer to your Active Sky install, if you have a little technical knowledge (or research!) you can share the AppData>Roaming>Hifi>[Activesky_version_name]>Weather folder on the computer AS is installed to and map it to a drive letter on your networked PC with PFPX on it. You can then set the Active AppData>Roaming>Hifi>[Activesky_version_name]>Weatherpath to this in PFPX.


Sadly, the share files for 3rd party software option on Active Sky doesn't share all the files PFPX requires, so using that method doesn't work, it has to be done as outlined above. Furthermore, note that it MUST be a mapped drive letter you use - the setting for the Active Sky path in PFPX won't work if you to use a network share name (i.e. it won't work with a path such as "\\MySimComputer\users\me\appdata\...etc.").





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