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US Cities X Boston Install with FlyTampa KBOS V5

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just got the new US cities Boston for V5 , already have KBOS installed for V5.

now my Afcad is missing some gates and parking. if I rename it  AF2_KBOS.bgl to AF2_KBOS.off and use KBOS_ADEP4_FLYTAMPA_BASE.bgl instead my stairways are at the ground not attached to the airport.

pls advice

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I am also having a problem with US Cities Boston and Fly Tampa Boston Rebooted for P3d V5.1.


I hope someone can assist me.

  1. I installed Fly Tampa Boston first.
  2. Then I installed US Cities Boston.
  3. When I run the CONFIG file it says: without Fly Tampa Boston Logan
  4. I've selected each of its 2 options in turn
  5. I've also altered Fly Tampa and US Cities Boston Scenery priority in the Scenery Library of P3d V5.1

However, the problem I have is the ground scenery west of Boston Airport near the sea between it and the city, I get popping layers of low quality and high quality ground image textures.


It's as if it isn't seeing my installation of Fly Tampa Boston.


Can anyone offer me any assistance please - Thanks.




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