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Laminar Research scheint schwer am Arbeiten zu sein.
XP11.50b7 +b8 scheinen raus zu sein, und die b9 ist angekündigt.
Heute Abend wird getestet! 1f603.png

Beta 9 – Coming Soon
  • XPD-10617 Regenerate icon crash fixes again and again and again.
  • XPD-10766, XPD-10721 Vulkan Not Loading – failed to initialize.
  • XPD-10769 Multi color flashing aircraft.
  • XPD-10798 TKS surface dataref is wrong in readout, but works when writing.
  • XPD-10802 Datarefs added:
  • XPD-10806 Crash opening VRAM profiler.
  • XPD-10808 Fixed deleting and rebuilding plugin layers at async reload.
  • XPD-10809 No longer drawing AI acf on map.

Beta 8

  • XPD-10794 Blurry acf in 11.50b7.
  • XPD-10799 Blurry textures on 737 AP.

Beta 7

  • Updated plugin SDK for TCAS changes.
  • More obj validation and error checking.
  • Fixes for some blurry objects.
  • Improved texture pager again.
  • Updated VRAM profiler.
  • XPD-8112 Override TCAS datarefs for our own and third-party TIS.
  • XPD-8162 Ocean tiles loading slowly & appear to be missing entirely in scenery.
  • XPD-10538 ADS-B Track Data wrong when plugin is controlling multi-player datarefs.
  • XPD-10617 Take two on CTD when using “regenerate icons for current aircraft (and livery).
  • XPD-10649 Too many inflight command buffers.
  • XPD-10654 Took King Air to get fuel pump start script.
  • XPD-10740 Fixed Orbx obj crashing.
  • XPD-10755, XPD-10767 Fixed race condition in map with plugins.
  • XPD-10756 Added map callbacks for vk/metal.
  • XPD-10764 Fix crash if modal is deleted before VR system can pop it up.
  • XPD-10773 Fixed SDK version numbers.
  • XPD-10774 Fixed crash with legacy CRJ700.
  • XPD-10775 Missing pipeline with instrument planet_globe.
  • XPD-10777, XPD-10776 Fixed hangs/crashes in PM any time we get a warning box while opening things.
  • XPD-10779 Fixed crash deleting ALL objects from G1000 C172.
  • XPD-10791 Fixed wasted VRAM when dome warp is not in use.

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